Who: after new attacks on Syria, Aleppo has no more hospitals


The new bombing raids on the Syrian city of Aleppo caused more drama to the population: the last hospital in the area was destroyed and is out of use. The news was confirmed today (19) by the World Health Organization (who).

According to the representative of the entity in Syria, Elizabeth Hoff, all non-governmental organisations that operate in the region, "confirmed that all hospitals are out of order."

In turn, the NGO Doctors without borders, who attended both in existing structures like in mobile stations, reported that the damage caused by the bombing of governing forces and Russia "are huge."

"They had to stop the activities. The hospital was attacked for the second time, three floors were destroyed and now he does not operate anymore. With few remaining medical supplies which cannot enter, the health system is on his knees and don't know if you can go back to work, "said NGO, in a note.

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