The first phase of the entrance exam of the Unicamp is applied in 30 cities


The first stage of the vestibular Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) will be held this Sunday (20). Should make the evidence, disputing candidates 73500 3300 70 vacancies for undergraduate courses. The competition is 5.5% less than the exams for 2016, when 77700 school students signed up to try for a spot in the institution.

The evidence will be held in 29 cities in the State of São Paulo and Brasília. This year, four municipalities were included in the application places of examination: Botucatu, Bragança Paulista, Marília and registry.

Most popular careers are medicine, which has candidates vying for the 110 24300 vacancies offered, resulting in a ratio of 221 interested for each possibility. Then comes architecture and urbanism, 96.3 candidates for each of the 30 slots open, totaling 2900 candidates.

The gates are opened from the 12:30 and the entry will only be allowed to the 1:00 pm. The vestibular Organization recommends to applicants that arrive at evidence at 12:00. It is necessary to take original identity document, the same indicated on the inscription, black ink pens with transparent material, black pencil and rubber. It is allowed the use of transparent ruler and compass. Forbidden to carry cell phones or any other electronic device.

The proof of this first phase consists of 90 multiple-choice questions, focusing on themes of Portuguese language, literature, mathematics, history, geography (covering philosophy and sociology), physics, chemistry, biology and English. The exam will be given 12 interdisciplinary issues. Each item has four alternatives.

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