Taxes may fall 40% with back of cachaça to the simple, provides sector


production of cachaça (playback/Brazil TV)

The Brazilian Cachaça Institute says that the inclusion of the drink in the Simple can reduce the informality in the setorReprodução/Brazil TV

The micro and small producers of rum will have about 40% reduction in taxes on drink when the sector return to national tax regime Simple for small businesses. The estimate is of Brazilian Cachaça Institute (Ibrac). The inclusion of drink, next to the wine and craft beer, was sanctioned by President Michel Temer on 27 October.

The endorsement of Fear was given amid a Government package called Grow without fear. The possibility of option simply begins to be worth only in 2018. The measures also extended from 60 to 120 months the term of payment of debts by companies and the simple choosers of 3,600,000 to R$ R$ 4,800,000 billing ceiling to participate in the scheme.

The Executive Director of Ibrac, Carlos Lima, points out that the rum left the Simples Nacional in 2001, along with other sectors. In his assessment, the return resistance of the activity to the simplified scheme has nothing to do with prejudice, by the fact that it was a liquor.

According to Lima, currently about 1500 cachaça manufacturers registered in the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and food supply. Of these, 90% are micro and small producers. He believes, however, that a return to Simple in 2018 will increase this count.

"The agricultural census of I[Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística]BGE of 2006 raised 11,124[produtores de cachaça]. That is, we have an informality about 80%. It will defin[o número de produtores clandestinos]itely decrease the possibility of adhering to the simple, "he says.

For Lima, the reduction of informality will bring benefits. "With this, it is possible to increase tax collection and the quality of the cachaça. These informal products are not subject to a quality control. Now, they will be monitored by the competent organ, "he points out.

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