Symbolic trial condemns police violence in São Paulo


After a symbolic trial, demonstrators asked today (19) the conviction of the Brazilian State by police violence against the population of the peripheries, in Jardim Ângela, South zone of São Paulo. The Act met the black cause movements which support families of victims of police actions in the city. The demonstration was held at Holy Martyrs Parish, which historically have harbored and promoted mobilizations against young's death.

"We demand justice through reparations and indemnification for all the families of the young people killed by the lethal action of the police of the State of São Paulo", emphasized the manifesto, read after exposure of the charges made by civil society and supported by the testimony of families affected. Were also demanded the "immediate calculation of slaughter", vehicle extrication, the demilitarization of the police and the creation of mechanisms of social control on the system of public safety and the judiciary.

The multiple homicides, often perpetrated by public officials, according to the militants, were one of the most talked about topics during the Act. "The massacres are very serious, because affect mainly the young," said at the microphone, Vitor Silva, speaking on behalf of the Youth Committee. He recalled that, although some areas, such as the Jardim Ângela and nearby neighborhoods, consider outbreaks of such violence, the problem is all over the city. "Die e[jovens]very day in various places. In Taipas[zona norte], and Guaianase[zona leste]s, not only in the South, "he said, in time for the prosecution.


The high homicide rates and activity of extermination groups are a problem that has been established for decades in the greater São Paulo, according to the journalist and researcher Bruno Paes Manso. From the studies that developed on the subject, he says that in the late 1980, it was possible to listen to the so-called "vigilantes" defending the killing of criminals in radio programs. "The murder was placed as a solution, as a form of control," explained the researcher from the Center for the study of violence at the University of São Paulo.

This idea gained momentum, according to Meek, over the years, and took a part of society to support the death of burglars and drug dealers as a means of crime control. To show how alarming violence currently employed by State agents, the researcher pointed out that 30% of the homicides that occurred in the city of São Paulo are registered as resistance followed by death, that is, people shot under the justification that they threatened police officers.

In addition to the killings carried out by police officers on duty, Manso remembered the various cases in which was proven action of public agents, especially PMs, in executions. He cited the case of the death squad known as the Highlanders, who played in the South zone of São Paulo, and had as a method to cut the hands and heads of victims. Also spoke briefly about the slaughter in the garden Rosana, when seven people were killed in a bar in a crime that sought to achieve the complainant to another execution, committed weeks before by police officers. In both cases the 37th Battalion military police were singled out as suspects.


Only recently, Paige, 61 years old, had the courage to talk about her son's death, which occurred in 1994. "I spoke to had been a motorcycle accident, because of prejudice," he said, about the young man who was murdered at the age of 18 years. According to her, the case was registered as lynching. But Hosam says witnesses saw the boy being arrested after trying to do a robbery, and that the body was shot. "Shot in the head, in the mouth. His hand was broken, "reported the retired waitress about the State of the child's body.

Suffering with the loss, she assigns the cops, Terezinha avoids that neighbors and the mob killed the responsible for the murder of the youngest, in 2012. According to her, the boy, then with 32 years, reacted to a robbery and ended up stabbed. "I didn't leave because I remembered my son. I wanted justice, "she said, about her wish, which was carried out. According to her, currently the killer is arrested.


Were invited to participate as defenders of government bodies, representatives of the public prosecutor's Office and the State Secretary of Public Security. The municipal Secretary of urban security of São Paulo, Domingos Mariano, was the only one who attended the trial. Speaking, recalled his history as a defender of human rights and also condemned violence against the most vulnerable in society. "I also condemn the State for the violence against the poor people of the periphery and against youth," he said.

Even Governments with more progressive bias have failed, according to Mariano, in obtaining solutions to excessive violence in the actions of the police. "Unfortunately, even Governments of progressive, left-wing position, which passed by the federal Government, not broadened the debate and not implemented structural reforms necessary for us to have a system of public security legalist and democratic", said.

The Agency Brazil came into contact with the Secretary of State for Public Security of São Paulo, but still failed to return.

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