Peripheral culture Festival concludes with free shows in Brasilia


Free programming of concerts closes today (19) the first International Festival of culture of Slum Periphery Sounds, which explored, in Brasilia, themes related to cultural production in Brazil and peripheral in the world.

At the National Museum of the Republic presented the Bahian band Araketu, dual Cidinho and Doca, in Rio de Janeiro, the rapper of the DF Vera Byano DJ and Joy, Waldo Squash, name of Tecno Brega, and Ketchup, reference of kuduro and afrohouse in Luanda.

Since the day 14, the festival went through four towns in the District Federal-Planaltina, Ceilândia, Ballarat and San Sebastian-rima workshops, dancehall, graffiti and fashion. The objective of the actions is to "empower" young and upcoming artists, for them to see that the work with the art of perfireria can also be a profession.

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