Obama will try to "calm things down" about Trump meeting in Peru


Started today (19) the high-level Summit between the countries that are part of Economic Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific (Apec) in Lima, Peru. The meeting, which follows until this Sunday (20), marks the last international engagement of u.s. President, Barack Obama.

The U.S. leader will try to calm things down the 21 leaders of the group, with the exception of Russia, on the prospects of the new Government of his country. His successor, Donald Trump, has said on several occasions that you don't want to carry forward the economic agreements signed by Obama with members of the group. So far, Obama has already met with the Peruvian President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and has on the agenda a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

Despite not having been officially announced, is not ruled out a meeting between the American and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leader of Moscow, in turn, have already arrived in the country and have meetings with the heads of State or Government from China, Japan, Viet Nam, the Philippines and Peru.

The Chinese representative has already announced its intention to discuss the creation of a free trade area for the 21 Apec member countries. Second Xi Jinping, it would favor a more equitable world growth since China contributed 40% of global growth since the start of the financial crisis.

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