Lawyer target of car wash is arrested in Spain


Target of the operation car wash, the lawyer Rodrigo Mano Duran was arrested in Madrid in the early hours of yesterday (18) by Spanish authorities. According to the Federal Police (PF), he is named as one of the operators of the offshore companies created by the Department of Odebrecht's fee ".

According to the Federal Police, Duran moved resources from fraudulent transactions between contractors and companies with headquarters in Brazil, involving employees of Petrobras and executives.

The lawyer was considered a fugitive from justice Brazilian and was part of the international wanted list of the International Police (Interpol). Before heading to Spain in commercial flight on Tuesday (15), he was in the United States.

The PF, through its liaison Oficialato in Miami, received information from the US authorities about his trip to Madrid. In possession of the information, the Central Office of Interpol in Brasília turned to Federal Police representation in Spain. Thus, the Spanish authorities were triggered to locate and arrest the fugitive, according to PF.

"After the official communications, to start the process to be brought to Brazil, in order to be able to answer for the crimes," said the Federal Police.

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