In Brazil, opposition trade unions criticize Rousseff again


São Paulo - Ato, promovido pela Força Sindical, pelo Dia do Trabalho, na Praça Campo de Bagatelle, na zona norte da capital paulista (Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil)

The Workers’ Day celebration, organized by the Força Sindical workers’ union in São Paulo Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil

At the Workers’ Day celebration, organized by the Força Sindical workers’ union in São Paulo, Federal Deputy Paulinho da Força, president of the union said that in addition to an economic crisis, the country is suffering a political crisis. He also criticized the decision announced by Rousseff to adjust the benefit of Bolsa Família conditional cash transfer program and to correct the table of Personal Income Tax during an act organized by Central Workers’ Union (CUT) held simultaneously in Vale do Anhangabaú, in São Paulo downtown.

“As she is leaving [the office], it seems that she is seeking revenge and attempting to sabotage the next administration. Therefore, we cannot accept it,” he said.

PSDB in future administration

Congressman Antonio Imbassahy, member of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB—Brazil’s main opposition party), took part in the protest organized by the Força Sindical workers’ union and declared that the adjustments are fair and merited, but added that “the feeling we have is that she [Rousseff] really wants to disturb once again.” Referring to Vice-President Michel Temer as “president,” he said he is not aware of Temer’s proposals yet.

“Regarding this, President Temer has been very cautious. He has to be, because the Senate has not decided on definitely ousting her yet, but once she is removed, he will announce the team and also the proposals that will certainly meet the population’s needs,” said the deputy.

According to Imbassahy, the PSDB will also decide the offices they will assume in Temer’s possible government. On Tuesday (May 3), the party will hold a national executive meeting in Brasília.

Asked about measures that can be adopted by Temer and that can create impact on workers, Imbassahy said this is worrisome and everything that is “inherent in the workers’ right has to be preserved. However, he added that “the country has to undergo overhauls, has to advance. There is no doubt about it.”

Translated by Amarílis Anchieta

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