Haiti has a quiet situation on the eve of the elections, Minustah's Advisor says


Haiti (File/Agency Brazil)

Haiti's population goes to the polls to choose a new President and the new members of Parliament of the country Marcello Casal Jr./archive/Brazil Agency

The choice of the new representatives of the Haitian people, scheduled to occur on the last day on October 9, but postponed by the devastating passage of Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean, is scheduled for this Sunday (20). It is expected to be elected the new President and the new members of Parliament of the country.

In an interview by telephone to Brazil, the public information officer of the military component of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah), Colonel Alexandre Lima, said that despite the instability, there is an atmosphere of relative calm in the country, with no demonstrations at the time, and everything indicates that, after being postponed twice, the elections will occur.

"We received official note of Jocelerme Privert provisional President requesting that the Haitians come to the polls on Sunday. In messages on radio and TV, he stressed that it will not be a provisional Government that will solve the serious problems of Haiti, including quoted among these issues the effects of Hurricane Matthew and talked about national and international issues that the interim Government will not be able to solve, "he said.

According to Lima last week there was a great test of all electoral machine, involving the people who will act in the voting centers, which were places of vote test all equipment.

Area devastated in Haiti, after the passage of Hurricane Matthew-Photo Logan Abassi/Minustah

Area devastated in Haiti, after the passage of Hurricane MatthewLogan Abassi/Minustah

The Colonel said that the region more unstable is the southern part of the peninsula, the region worst-hit by the passage in the hurricane Matthew in the first weeks of October. He reported that many voting centers in the region were destroyed. "Now, therefore, was that precarious recovery, to have the vote. Is ready, is in a position to have, but the structures are temporary and emergency ", the aide said. According to him, the bad weather forecast for Sunday in the region concerned. "There is strong rain forecast in the North and in the South of the country, and this can be a complicating factor."

In addition, Lima reported that "in part of the country affected by the hurricane has occurred a lot of gang activity to intercept convoys of humanitarian aid to steal and sell the loads, which consist mainly in food and medicines". According to the aide, expectation occurring tensions and demonstrations, "but we believe that the elections will occur because have already been postponed twice.

The last President elected in Haiti, Michel Martelly, ended the mandate, in February this year. He was replaced by interim President Jocelerme Privert, chosen by Parliament to organise new elections in three months, but the political and social instability in the country delayed the plans twice.

On Friday (18), the Haitian Government has also announced the closure of the border on Saturday and Sunday to ensure more control during the election, according to statement released by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

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