COP 22: commitment to reduce global warming, there's no going back, says organization

The participating countries of the 22nd Conference of the parties on climate change (COP 22) reaffirmed the commitment to reduce global warming and to build an agenda of work for

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Little boy leaves prison and goes to private hospital in Rio

Rio Governor Anthony Garotinho-Renato Araújo/Brazil Agency File

Former Governor Anthony Garotinho was arrested on charges of buying votosArquivo/Brazil Agency

Former Governor Anthony Garotinho

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Brazil prosecutors announce return of $60 million to Petrobras

Federal prosecutors announced the return of over $60 million to the coffers of Petrobras, recovered by means of Operation Car Wash. "This is the largest return of funds ever carried

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Brazil: 4 companies and 22 people charged for Mariana tragedy

Mariana (MG)-rupture of two dams of the mining company Samarco last Thursday (5). Amid the backdrop of a lot of mud, clay and destruction, what remains resembles a ghost town (Antonio Cruz/Agência Brazil)

Regarded as Brazil's biggest environmental tragedy, the episode that left 19 dead took place a year ago, on November

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Lula would be exempted from attending court hearings

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, in charge of the proceedings under Operation Car Wash, granted the request of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's defense lawyers to have himself

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School high school model will have to change your resume to suit the MP

A school where learning is not divided into classes of 50 minutes, but in meetings of 1 hour and a half. Where learning occurs through experiments, work

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Shows in Brazil celebrates Black literature with national and foreign authors

The FlinkSampa Festival, which celebrates the black literature, ends today (19) in São Paulo. Since yesterday (18), the shows receive Brazilian and foreign guests on a schedule that includes lectures,

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Donald Trump choose assistants and must adopt a hard line in his Government

The President elect Donald Trump chose personalities considered hardliners to occupy some of the most important functions of your team, with indications that it will not soften the main points

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Arena Corinthians does not present risks, says MP

The prosecution of housing and Urbanism of the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo (MP-SP) reported that survey was made in the Stadium Arena Corinthians by the Technical Support Center

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Eletrobras will have more favourable conditions from 2018, says President

The restructuring of Eletrobras will allow the company to come back to have more favourable conditions from 2018 and solve the serious problem of indebtedness. The expectation is the

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