Brazil-US trade stance will not be harmed by Trump, says ambassador


Brasilia-the U.S. Ambassador in Brazil, Liliana Ayalde, during the first meeting of the Defense Industry Dialogue Brazil and United States, in the Itamaraty Palace (Marcelo Camargo/agency Brazil)

United States ambassador to Brazil AyaldeMarcelo Camargo Liliana/Brazil Agency

The United States ambassador to Brazil, Liliana Ayalde, said Donald Trump's election will not damage commercial relations between both countries. This Thursday (Nov. 17), she attended the seminar at the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in São Paulo capital.

"The direct interest of the United States in partnering will not change, no matter who is in the White House," said the ambassador, who was nominated by President Obama. "I feel confident that we will continue to strengthen relations with the new president," she added.

Ayalde said that elections create uncertainties, and that Brazil has an understandable fear of possible changes. "We need to look for ways to strengthen our economic and trade ties, which will benefit both countries and can help Brazil overcome the crisis." The ambassador seemed to be in favor of proposals to reduce the ' Brazil cost ' to make the country more competitive.

New prospects

According to the ambassador, trade between Brazil and the US moves 100 billion dollars a year, with prospects of growth in the next few years. The North American country seeks to establish commercial partnerships that go from big companies like Embraer to average and small companies. Ayalde estimates that the United States will invest nearly 112 billion dollars in Brazil.

The president of AMCHAM's board of directors, Hélio Magalhães, noted that Brazil and the United States trade has been paralyzed for many years. "There has been an appreciation, but nothing concrete was done," he pointed out. However, Brazil's new prospects shall improve business relations, despite the presidential change in the United States, according to Magellan.


For the ambassador, the educational and tourism exchange between both countries shall also be maintained. "We have to encourage the largest number of tourists using mechanisms that facilitate travel in both directions," she said. Another tie that shall be strengthened between the countries is related to security, according to Liliana Ayalde. Initiatives including cooperation, information exchange, and the fight against money on Farmville are defended by the ambassador.

"We had witnessed Paris attacks. Terrorists make no distinction between the victim's nationality, and use weapons of mass destruction. Brazil is a strong and secure partner in establishing the world peace, "she said.

Translated by Amaryllis Anchieta

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