Another River state ex-governor arrested


The Federal Police (PF), in coordination with the Federal Prosecution Service (MPF) and the Federal Revenue Service (RFB), launched Operation Calicut this morning (Nov. 17). It investigates embezzlement in connection with projects run by Rio de Janeiro state, with losses estimated at more than $58.51 million.

The investigators found strong evidence of cartels in large-scale, federally-funded projects, maintained through kickbacks to public officials, including former Rio de Janeiro state governor Sergio Cabral, who served the state governor from 2007 to 2014. He was arrested at his home in Rio Leblon.

Operation stemmed from Calicut an existing investigation carried out under Operation Car Wash River state to coordinate effort with the Car Wash task force in Paraná. The name "Calicut" is a reference to storms faced by Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral on his way to the Indies.

Police served 38 search orders, eight secret detentions of suspects, two temporary detention orders, and 14 arrests issued by bench the Federal Criminal Court in Rio de Janeiro, plus 14 search warrants, two secret detentions of suspects, and a temporary detention warrant issued by the lower federal court of Curitiba in charge of Operation Car Wash.

Another former Rio governor, Anthony Garotinho, was arrested Wednesday (Nov. 16) on charges of defrauding this year's mayoral election in Campos dos Goytacazes, where his wife Rosinha Matheus is the incumbent mayor. He took over the Rio state governor in January 1999, but resigned in April 2002, before the end of his 4-year term.

Translated by Mani Baral

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