Almost 70% of municipalities have further problems in the transition of mayors


After receiving complaints from the public and from prosecutors who work inside the Amazon about problems in the transition in municipal administrations, the Attorney General of Justice of the State, Fabio Monteiro met with mayors this Friday (18). Among the problems reported in the complaints are delays of wages and layoffs.

The intention is to guide the current mayors in order to facilitate the work of new managers and prevent crimes against the local government. "We have heard from some counties where a very significant number of servers has been fired. Another very important issue is the transition. The promoters of the interior daily deal at the beginning of the procedures, with major problems from the elect mayors that communicate to the Prosecutor who can't find some data, documents of bidding processes, covenants, contracts. So it is important that we talk, "said Fabio Monteiro.

According to the Attorney General, the complaints involve almost 70% of the municipalities and people are also related to the mismanagement of public resources, squandering of assets, non-payment of material suppliers and service providers and even public health network outage.

"We understand the crisis, the issue of fiscal responsibility, but we cannot accept people who were hired – and if you were hired is because there was no need – stay with their back pay. The city is, throughout the interior of the Amazon, the largest employer. So, obviously, that greatly affects the local economy, so the delay of salary, as the resignation. The goal here is to recommend that be accomplished what determines the law. And the electoral law prohibits these layoffs during this period. But that, of cours[é preciso]e, in conversation, hear what th[os prefeitos]ey have to say and try to make them aware that the odds of the election should be sublimated to the next electoral process, "said the Attorney General.

Internal Affairs-General Public Prosecutor of the Amazon has already issued a recommendation to all the promoters crowded inside so that establish administrative procedure with the aim of transitions in the prefectures and the municipalities. If they are verified, the irregularities involved may be responsible for justice.

"It's not our goal per hour. We want to prevent this from occurring so that the population did not suffer. But, if this is not possible, we have to take our steps. We have to make it clear to them that, if what is motivating is reprisal as a result of the electoral process, the arrangements will be even stricter, "said Monteiro.

The Mayor of the municipality of Itamarati and President of the Association of Municipalities of Amazonas, John Cameron, said that the entity is collaborating with the Department of public prosecutions on work orientation of mayors. He said that managers face difficulties to hand over the prefectures to new administrations.

"The State has been suffering for a long time due to logistics and communication difficulties. Because of this, we also have difficulties in terms of great professionals to help us make a high-level management as the population deserves and how it should be. But, with the guidance of the Prosecutor and of the Court of Auditors, all current mayors and mayors elected and reelected are taking the steps necessary, making contact with the attorneys, accountants and Secretaries municipalities mainly finance. And I'm sure there's going to be a transition as is expected for Justice and for the people, "said the Mayor.

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